spollati is a superior quality early harvest extra virgin olive oil, rich in polyphenols (antioxidants) with maximum acidity 0,3 and unique strong flavor.

spollati it's also unfiltered, mono-varietal and single estate olive oil from mature koroneiki variety olive trees. The olive grove are xerophytic (non-irrigated), stony at an altitude of 160 meters. The area is covered by rolling hills, 4klm in a straight line from the Messinian gulf of Aegean sea and with ideal weather conditions for olive trees cultivation.

Like the terroir of wine, every harvest has unique flavor characteristics (fruity, pungent, bitterness) derived from the olive grove morphology and soil composition, but mainly because of the micro-clime conditions (temperature, sunny, rainfall, humidity) during the year and especially the rainfall conditions during the florescence period. 

The harvesting take place traditionally, by hand at an early stage before full maturity of olive fruits. At the end of the day we take the olive oil from the oil mill (usually less than a tone per year) by using modern cold two-phase oil extraction process

The olive oil is stored in stainless steel settlement tank with conical bottom in order to remove most of the residual fruit particles through gravity and bottled by hand after a few months.

We suggest you taste a slice of bread with spollati olive oil, oregano, grated tomato and (feta) cheese. It's a fast healthy and nutritious snack for your home, office and the children's school.

For us, your children's happy face is the best reward!